Life in Tusna straddles the razor’s edge of the mundane and the terrifying. You spend your days working your fields, selling wares on the High Street, or standing guard for coin. You spend your nights in fear of what may lurk in the dark and saying simple prayer that luck will be on your side. For as Moshenik teaches, there either will, or will not, be a bear. But will this be the night that there is?

There is strange magic in the world and you live precariously close to the Banorin Asylum where the wizards of great power and questionable mind are kept. Countess Llewellen Moreau ensures her people that they are safe and bless her, she does everything in her power to make it so. But the voice in the back of your mind questions what would happen should there be a breach.

You aren’t sure what is the most disturbing. The bears and parachute spiders, the power held in that place, or the recent rumblings you’ve heard about a possible invasion from Timberlands. Would they dare to be so brazen? All you can do is hope…and sharpen your sword.

Prepare yourself to enter the world of Lokari Chronicles presented by LouisvilleLARP; a place where magic and might collide and take you on a journey into the unknown. A full immersion high fantasy LARP that will challenge your wits and skills while leading you through the greatest adventure your character has ever had to face.