Lore: The World of Lokari

Our game takes place on the Island of Velsun in the county of Tusna. Velsun is considered contested territory and an invaluable trading hub and strategic location due to its location in the Great Sea. Velsun has remained an independent nation due in large part to the difficulty of sea travel, as the seas are extremely rough and unpredictable. Sudden riptides, whirlpools, squalls, windstorms, and rogue waves appearing at random all over the ocean make sea travel very limited. Velsun is divided into several counties that all view themselves as independent from one another, with different laws and viewpoints. The county of Tusna is led by benevolent Countess and her family.

The creatures that inhabit Velsun are some of the most dangerous around the world. With large carnivorous creatures and plants spread across the isle. The dangerous creatures have just become yet another part of daily life for those living on the Velsun. One can expect that when the seasons change they can expect Dread Ants along the road or Parachute Spiders to float down from the sky into fields. Giant Wasps or Centipedes are bound to get into a building from time to time, and there is likely to be a trap bush within the woods enjoying the meal of an unsuspecting traveler. There are those on the island that make a living hunting down the fiercest of dire beasts, such as large wolves, bears, and mountain cats in hopes of collecting rewards or valuable crafting materials. While still more live on the island to observe and study the creatures. Velsun simply isn’t a place for the unprepared, and the natural dangers of the island have only helped to keep Velsun from falling under the control of the other nations steeped in war.