Lore: The Gods

In the world of Lokari there are six gods, divines, or great spirits. The Six gods are Mend, Moshenik, Iberu, Omawala, Talmak, and Logos. Most cultures have a different opinion or view of the pantheon of gods. For the aljian, the gods are but one part of the cycle. To the trolls they are the Great Spirits with powers and influence that ebb and flow based on the year or season. Owlkin see the gods as just aspects, in dividual pieces of the Matron. It is uncommon for anyone to devote themselves entirely to the worship or belief in one god over the others. Often, people will live their lives abiding what they personally believe and occasionally paying tribute to a shrine or temple, or possibly placing an offering or praying to a particular deity. There are those that do devote themselves to an individual god, and chief among them, are the Avatars.

Every god has at least one Avatar, and some gods have many. Each Avatar will have a different story as to how they took up the mantle of Avatar. Generally, one is not considered a true Avatar until recognized as such by priests of most of the temples or shrines dedicated to that god. There are those that put one god above the others or have taken on the role of managing or maintaining a shrine or temple. Sometimes that will be an Avatar, but most frequently, they are a priest and not yet considered an Avatar. The aljian tend to only see each god as a part of the cycle and equal to each of the other gods. In Uwar there is only one large temple structure dedicated to all the gods. Trolls call the gods the Great Spirits and tend to only have small shrines dedicated to each god, believing that the individual gods have seasons or specific times of year that they hold the most sway. Owlkin tend to avoid direct worship of any god, and simply refer to them as aspects of the Matron. There is no one way that is considered ‘correct’ for worshiping the gods and many people do so in their own way, even if it means eschewing their cultural norms.