Lore: Moshenik

Moshenik (moe-SHEN-ick) is the god of Luck, Ignorance, and Insanity. It is said that fortune favors the brave and the stupid. Never has that held as much truth or meaning as it does for the followers of the first of the pantheon. He is said to favor the color purple and cheese. If one wishes to make an offering at his shrine, there is but only one suitable offering; a plate of cheese and intoxicants served in a purple bowl. A popular saying amongst the followers of Moshenik is one that represents both chance and insanity, “There either is, or isn’t, a bear.”

Moshenik’s symbol is the coin of chance, depicted by showing both sides of a coin. One side of the coin is blank,with the reverse showing the paw print of a bear. Followers of Moshenik state that this coin symbolizes both luck and ignorance as you never know the outcome, and the insanity of pretending to have control over that outcome. It is also a representation oftheir favorite saying, "there either is, or isn't, a bear."

Many people believe that the omens that appear on the obelisks around the world are warnings and messages from Moshenik, owing to their random, seemingly chaotic, nature.

Moshenik attracts most of his devoted followers amongst the likes of soldiers, gamblers, and people whose parents thought it might not be the best idea for their child to “focus too much on learning to read”. However, there are those from all walks of life that enjoy the chaos and excitement that Moshenik brings to their lives. However, there is no centralized following of Moshenik beyond any local affiliations there is no universally accepted way to celebrate Moshenik, and many followers believe to do so would defeat the point.