Lore: Iberu

Iberu (E-burr-u) is the goddess of Despair, Dread, Terror, and Fear. At first glance it might seem unusual to follow a god that intends to instill fear and despair. But, as followers of Iberu will tell you, it’s all about perspective and balance. How can you truly appreciate the good things in life if you don’t fear losing them? How do you know happiness if you don’t know despair? These are the things that Iberu bring to life and her followers insist everyone’s life is enriched for it.

Avatars and priests of Iberu will host annual meetings for the people that attend to discuss their fears; what they are and how to prepare for those things in life. All fears great and small are discussed, from spilling dinner, to parachute spiders, to the end of the world. The actions of the followers of Iberu often surprises others. The expected is for them to try and frighten people through intimidation or pranks. But, they reinforce fear through good works. They help to emphasize the good things in people’s lives, because it is the potential loss of those things that is truly frightening.

In times past there were two major orders devoted to following the path of fear in honor of the goddess Iberu. The first continues today as the Crimson Order, a group devoted to protecting others. The members of the Crimson Order believe that to have a life worth living and to experience fear you must first have a sense of true security. They believe a life of constant and unending fear, without a sense of security, would numb someone to fear and not drive them to a live worth living nor would it provide an environment in which someone could build a life. It is for these reasons and more that the members of the Crimson Order set out in the world to protect others, acting as members of local town guards, or taking on bounties to help balance the scales of fear and security. The second group that has long since been denounced by the followers of Iberu is The Collective. The Collective was said to work as the left hand to the crimson order’s right. The Collective was said to be followers of Iberu that believed that the comforts of society have led some to believe they are beyond reproach and thus free of fear. The members of the collective would work tireless to ruin the lives of randomly chosen targets, to remind everyone that they were at risk and thus had something to fear.

Iberu is believed to prefer the color crimson and is delighted by people who eat liver in her honor. It is common to find a still blood-soaked liver left directly on the stone inside a temple of Iberu.