Lore: Omawala

The goddess of Turbulence, Change, and Prosperity. While Omawala is most commonly celebrated during harvest she has no specific holiday as she is honored in almost every celebration. Most people revere Omawala to some degree because if there is one constant in all of life, it is change, and most hope for change to lead to prosperity. Aspects of Omawala are seen in every facet of life.

It is said her favored colors are bright oranges and yellows, and those that serve to maintain her shrines and temples often wear outfits, that they regularly change, consisting of these colors. The favored offering or traditional food of homage are pies, the filling of which depends on the season. It is often said, the best way to honor Omawala is to never let things in your life settle and become mundane. Those that are truly devoted to Omawala within Tusna often join the Tusna Merchant’s guild.