Lore: Talmack

The god of preservation, Talmack, is the most commonly followed god on Lokari. She is said to watch over any deal of peace, and it is unthinkable for most to complete any form of trial without the presence of at least one of Talmack's favors of white, gold, oils, or preserved fruit/vegetables as a sign and reminder of both hope and mercy. Many myths, legends, and beliefs say that Talmack, more so than any other god, is the reason that people return after passing.

Talmack is said to favor the colors of white and gold with his favored offering being oils of any color or preserved fruits or vegetables such as jams or pickles. His symbol is the unbroken circle, which is often depicted in many various combinations of the white and gold. Her followers often work closely with the followers of other gods such as members of the Crimson Order, the Blue Order, the Merchant’s Guild, or followers of Logos to disseminate help and healing across the world. To follow Talmack is to spread his desire of preservation and to act as her hand is to heal and help those in need.