Lore: Logos

Logos, the god of Penance, Forgiveness, and Improvement. It is believed that the followers of penance are the most organized with a more rigid structure for devoted followers. While most gods will simply have temple or shrine caretakers, perhaps some that call themselves priests, champions, or Avatars, the followers of Logos have a structured order. Those wholly devoted to the god of penance will wear a strand of beads on their secondary arm. With a bead (larger black preferred) for every ill deed they have committed with symbols carved or painted on to them to remind the follower of the wrongs they have committed. When the follower believes they have atoned or been forgiven they will paint the black bead white. The larger the bead the graver the ill deed they committed. The cord itself that the beads are on also holds significance as it denotes your rank in the order. The color of the cord being White - means follower, red - an acolyte, blue - priest, purple - cryer, and gold - avatar. As a player you may only start with a white cord.

The avatar of Logos teaches that all sentient beings are part of a collective consciousness, which is called Unum. It is believed that he, and many of his followers believe, that all creatures are part of a greater whole and must live and act as such and that they are merely observing the world from the point of the individual. Therefore, whatever one experiences, they all experience; to harm or fail to forgive the individual is to harm oneself. Those that consider themselves part of Unum tend to eschew currency beyond what is necessary to maintain life and prefer to instead trade on knowledge and deeds.