Lore: The Avatars

Avatars are beings that state they have received directives, purpose, powers, or messages from a god and carry out their will. They are considered to be a higher tier of priest and usually do not maintain or reside at any one temple of their god.

The isle of Velsun has not seen any Avatar of Mend. With the war raging across the main continent it is unlikely Velsun ever will, as any Avatar of Mend would unlikely pull away from where they feel they’re needed most.

The only known Avatar of Talmack is a Human named Tulverin and he lives within the county of Tusna on Velsun.

The Avatar of Moshenik is a gremlin with purple hair and bushy eyebrows. He usually is wearing a pair of goggles. Recently he has been telling people that his name is Esteban, though even he is likely to admit that may not be truthful and it may have changed by the time you read this. He rarely, if ever, is willing to pass up on a wager. His general philosophy on life is that if something isn’t risky, it’s boring.

There are Avatars of Omawala, a Flora named Ute who resembles a scarlet pimpernel bush/flower. She tends to act a little sporadically and emotionally. She travels far around the island of Velsun, and perhaps further.

The Avatar of Iberu is an aljian named Esmer. She is a bit on the short side and has ice blue highlights in her hair. She often wears clothes to match those highlights. Often friendly and smiling, one should be cautious as she is quick to anger. Esmer seems to enjoy the company of orcs and takes a great interest in their doings. When around humans she seems to watch them as if they are tame animals made captive for her amusement. Esmer likes when people present her with flavored drinks and is almost always seen with a small snack.

An avatar of Logos can be identified by their unique beaded cords on their weak arm.

The cord itself is gold with several large black and white beads signifying their ill deeds and atonements. In Tusna there is an avatar of Logos, called Jeder. It is believed that Jeder is a gremlin, though it is not known for certain due to the large mask of many faces that covers his head.