Lore: World Events

The Day of Dice

Every three yearsa festival is held in honor of Moshenik. This festival encourages people to go out and take risks. During the day children will go out seeking mischief and receive candy or praise instead of lectures about bad children being put out at night for the Nebelung to hunt. Through the day dice and challenges are made in good sport, with games of risk and intoxicants, and with one often being crowned as the Lord of Misrule for the evening.

Traditions of the Day of Dice

Traditions range from simple gambling to dangerous acts of daring. Every year those participating in the Day of Dice proclaim a Lord of Misrule, who is usually chosen based on who has had the hardest time in most recent memory to temper their bad luck. The Lord of Misrule’s influence varies from town to town, but they are usually invested with the authority to task other with silly tasks or demand a feast to be held in their honor. It is not uncommon for dances, drinking, or performances by small towns.

The Sun and Moon Festival

This festival is one that honors Iberu, the goddess of despair, dread, terror, and fear as well as Mend, the god of honesty, nobility, and righteousness. During this festival, it is often the task of the citizens of Tusna to prepare during the day with celebration and traditional tasks such as making lanterns to light the road-ways and paths for the evening. During the festival, the traditional foods of fried liver and breads are sometimes sold by traveling merchants in honor of the gods. For once the sun falls low the moon shall glow. On the Night of the Moon, dark wonders will travel the land looking to spread terror and spirit away those not protected by the Pact of the Sun. Joy to those that honor the Pact of the Sun, for under the Moon blood shall flow.Superstition plays just as much a role as tradition during the Sun and Moon festival. It is said that those that wonder off from a lantern path on the night of the moon festival are rarely seen again.

Traditions of the Sun and Moon Festival

The traditions of the Sun and Moon festival involve both symbolic and ceremonial. During the day there is often food, drink, and music. With the creation of handmade paper lanterns to mark paths for the coming night. Community games such as tug-of-war or dodge are often played for prizes. Just before night falls the lanterns are hung along the main roads and outside of houses. At night there are often more festivities and challenges.