Lore: History of the World

For hundreds of years, the main continent has been at war as the nations of Freyia, Nouveau Teg, Hassstam, and βayia have been embroiled in what is now called the 1,000-Year war. The land itself has been irreparably scared as the War-Torn Scar of the mainland seems grow with the faltering hope of the war’s end. Some say this level of carnage was inevitable. After all, there is not easy military victory in a world where healing magic and the natural revival of the fallen perpetuates conflict. Yet others say the conflict would have come to a peaceful resolution if not for the honor seeking and combat thirsty Orcs. Perhaps it is the over eager use of fire and magic by the Elves. Yet others contend it is the assertion of moral authority of the Owlkin. Some yet still say the war’s fault lies with the Trolls that have yet to intervene with the unrest of the Humans of Freyia. Most agree that the Golems rising from the waves 100 years ago to join the conflict certainly did not help the situation, even less so now that they have been integrated into the arms they once fought. No matter what the cause or group you chose to blame, the war of the mainland is not isolated to the main continent alone.

Over 800 years ago, the seas and oceans of the world of Lokari began to stir and become restless as strange weather phenomena began. With each passing year the raging water ways of the world became even more unpredictable and treacherous. Eventually travel by ocean or sea became completely impossible until 200 year ago with the creation of giant war ships capable of occasionally surviving the unforgiving waves, whirlpools, water spouts, riptides, squalls, and rogue waves that now dominate the world’s waters. These unforgiving waters is what now drives many of those fighting in the central war to fight for control over the Isle of Velsun because of its natural resources and in valuable strategic location.