Lore: Daily Life in Velsun

The Isle of Velsun is home to four counties. Each county views themselves as wholly independent from each other and only hold loose alliances to maintain a united defense against the larger nations of the mainland that wish to take control over the small Island. The four counties are Rheingold, Northshire, the Timberlands, and Tusna. Each county and their major ports are connected by well-traveled, but often unpaved, paths collective called the High Street.

The day to day life for most of the citizens of Velsun revolve around farming, fishing, hunting, service to the local militia, crafting, and trade along the High Street as traveling merchants transport valuable goods from the major ports. Each port receives ships from different areas around the world, but it is usually ships from Shin’nak and Uwar at the western port of Northshire, Wao Nahele and the occasional ship from βayia at the southern ports of Rheingold, Nouveau Teg at the eastern port of Tusna, and from Freyia that exclusively travel to the northern port of the Timberlands. With local ships of the Militia, Fishermen, and others intermingling at all the ports. Some find work as traveling caravan guards, travel guides, woodsmen and woodswomen, town guards, shop keepers, bakers, and more as the isle of Velsun is a host to many different within the four counties. Farming and crafting are two of the most common professions. But, Tusna is no stranger to danger or mystery and has attracted many adventurous types that seek to make their living of sell sword work and research.

In each county there are small shrines and mana wells that dot the landscape. Forges and Crafting stations are usually set up in a local tavern. And various trade routes wind their way through forest, village, and farmland. The most common threats along the road are bandits, large wolves, centipedes, wasps, spiders, trap-bushes, bears, and the occasional large hill cat.