Lore: Tusna

Centrally located on the island of Velsun and the place you now know as home.

Tusna is mid-sized county which is presided over by a hereditary noble family. The current head of that family is Countess Llewellen Moreau. Tusna is bordered to the north by Northshire and Timberland and to the south by the province of Rheingold. Though not openly in full scale war with these others, tensions have been on the rise and remain tense. Trade may be carried out by official representatives of governments but is difficult for the citizens. Primarily the challenge is due because Tusna allows travel into its county, the others do not allow travel from Tusna. The borders are watched and guarded closely, and anyone caught trying to cross is likely to be imprisoned, or killed, regardless of their county of origin.

Tusna is made up primarily of independent farms that are owned and tended to by private citizens. There are holdings that grow crops as well as ranches raising livestock for dairy and meat. The economy of Tusna is a simple one but stable. Therefore, many people will emigrate to Tusna seeking a quiet but sustainable life.

The land that is not made up of private farms is mostly woodlands owned by the nobility. These lands are open for hunting with permits from the county or free to be enjoyed by all. These forests do allow Tusna to construct the specialized seaworthy vessels it uses in trade. Due to the immense cost of these ships, only the noble family has the wealth and available resources to build these ships in Tusna and the do not sail them often. This makes it so once in Tusna, few leave.

There is a centralized but small market district where farmers from all over the county come to sell their goods. There is a tavern at this location called [tavern] which is a popular place to get a drink, have a small bite to eat, gamble, craft, read a book from the modest library, or just try and catch up on the most recent gossip. It is not uncommon to see the countess or members of her family around as most of them do not try and shelter themselves away from the people of the county. Tusna’s central positioning on the centralized island of Velsun has afforded it many excellent opportunities to host traders. Whether that be hosting traders from Uwar meeting with traders from Freyia (and taking a cut), or it means traders conducting business directly with Tusna with goods that will then be traded again, Tusna is in a prime location to benefit. The primary trade partners that Tusna deal with directly is Nouveau Teg and to a smaller degree, Bayia.

One thing that Tusna is known for all over Lokari is the Banorin Asylum. It is here that wizards that have gone insane for one reason or another are housed. Considered by many to be the most secure location in all Lokari. This underground complex is heavily fortified and magically reinforced and sealed. Some of the most powerful wizards ever known are housed within and it is almost universally feared what might happen if they were to be released. Tusna agreed to house such a place as a strategic move against full invasion. They maintain the ability to release the wizards upon the world should their county ever be sufficiently threatened.