Lore: The Timberlands

The area that makes up the northeastern portion of Velsun is known as Timberland. Contrary to what many non-residents believe, the name has nothing to do with trees. The county is named for the man who lead the non-violent uprising that lead to the forming of this new county when Timberland separated from what is now known as Northshire.

The region was once ruled by a Count Ienglen who was not satisfied with his holdings. He’d be very successful in his conquest and consolidation of what was largely unincorporated lands inhabited by people that preferred to live outside of society. He conscripted many of these people to fight alongside him and thus his force grew the more he conquered. But once he’d reached north east coast he decided that he wanted more. He made a proclamation that he’d be leaving his best men behind to guard the newly established cities and he’d be heading west to conquer Northshire.

The man in charge of these soldiers being left behind was known as Colonel Gregori Timber, a rather large human man originally from Freyia. He was exiled from his homeland and that is how he came to be in the service of Count Inglen. Timber, realizing that Inglen had already been spreading his forces thin, and that he’d left his best behind, decided to take matters to himself. He declared himself Lord Timber, ruler of Timberland. All of the previously unincorporated lands (the area north of Tusna and east of Northshire) was now under his control. If Count Inglen wanted to dispute him then he’d have to take the second tier soldiers he’d brought to Northshire and fight against the elite that were now under the control of Timber.

Timber saw to the loyalty of his militia soldier by providing them with homes in one of the two cities. There is the northern city of Wiles and the southern city, Mountaintop. Between them runs a strip of rich farmland interspersed with dense forests. Here he established his own plantation and gifted his commanders with homesteads of their own. Lord Timber does not impose himself on most of the governance of Timberland. As long as the people show loyalty and are willing to form up the militia to defend Timberland as needed, he’s content to allow mayors to govern the cities and provide him with tax revenues.

To date there has been no attempt by Count Inglen to retake the region from Lord Timber. While maintaining a closed border on all sides, Lord Timber is pragmatic enough to allow some strictly observed trade with Tusna. He has state-sanctioned traders who may trade, at the border, with state-sanctioned traders of Tusna and no others.