Lore: Northshire

The area that makes up the northwestern quarter of Velsun is called Northshire. It is a region of rolling rocky hills, pastures, and deep valleys. There are no established cities and few settlements that one could even call a village. The people of Northshire are largely seminomadic herders raising sheep and goats. These tribes move with the seasons and live off the land. The people of Northshire were once accepting to outsiders and were willing to allow people of all races to become part of their way of life, provided they were peaceful. They would also trade logging rights to parts of their land, as they didn’t use much from the forests for their way of life. All of these things changed with the arrival of Count Inglen.

Count Inglen led an invading army from the region now known as Timberland into Northshire and threatened the entire way of life. He felt these “simple” people would be easy to conquer and add to his holdings thus uniting the entire northern half of Velsun. His downfall was his self-assured confidence, for the people of Northshire are fierce warriors when they need to be. They rallied under the banner of The Council. This group of women formed with representatives from each of the major tribes. They used their knowledge of the terrain to run a guerrilla campaign against Count Inglen. For months this continued and Inglen struggled to gain any ground.

Ultimately Inglen was undone by his own army of conscripts. Before leaving on this campaign, Count Inglen announced he was leaving his best behind. This naturally lowered the moral of the soldiers he brought with him, all of whom had been conscripted in his conquering of their homelands. One of these soldiers, Private Duncan, snuck out of camp and made his way intentionally allowed himself to be captured by the Northshire forces. Here he willingly provided all the information he had about Inglen’s plans. He also informed them that at least 2/3rds of the army was willing to fight against Inglen in exchange for being allowed to remain and live in Northshire.

The Council agreed to these terms, believing the story of Private Duncan because of their own observations of how Inglen’s men looked in battle. They did not fight like men who believed in their cause. So, a week after meeting with Private Duncan, The Council lead their forces in a surprise assault against Count Inglen’s army. Private Duncan played the secret signal that indicated the negotiations had gone his way. Count Inglen’s army turned in on itself and was quickly torn apart and the people of Northshire victorious.

It is unclear what became of Count Inglen. There are many legends but those that claim to have seen him since that day are rarely thought of as anything but telling drunken tavern tales. The Council disbanded, and each returned with their own nomadic tribe. The former soldiers of Count Inglen that survived were absorbed into the tribes and took up the Northshire way of life.