Lore: Important Figures and Groups of Tusna

The Countess of Tusna and Her Family

The Moreau family rules over the county of Tusna. Many people attribute the prosperity and relative peace of Tusna to the guidance of the beloved Countess Llewellen. Tusna fell into turmoil and was on the brink of war as the late Count Johntrid F. Moreau drew increasingly more isolated and withdrawn before his passing eight years ago.

Countess Llewellen Moreau is held in high regard by the commoners of Tusna. Few doubt that Tusna would be at war with any of the neighboring counties without Countess Llewellen to guide Tusna’s political interactions and the Banorin Asylum to compensate for Tusna’s lack of military might. The Countess has had many children. Llewellen raised each child with the intention of grooming them to become solely responsible for the oversight of specific functions of the Tusna governance, she did this to honor Johntrid’s vision of the Moreau children being a unified governing force to promo te the growth and prosperity of Tusna.

William Moreau, Llewellen’s first born child. He was trained from an early age to become the next count and to oversee military action within Tusna. Johntrid believed that it would be William that would inherit the title of Count from him, and work in tantum with his siblings to be a benevolent ruler. By the time our game starts, William Moreau will have gone missing. You will need to find out more in game.

Sebastian Moreau, the second son and head of the Tusna Town Guard. Sebastian will now take charge of the town guard in lieu of his older brother’s recent disappearance. Many know that Sebastian has always had ambitions to prove himself superior to his older brother in hopes of being the next Count of Tusna. He and William were both trained to specialize in combat tactics, as Johntrid believed that it would be up to Sebastian to directly oversee the militia and town guard once his brother became the Count.

Orrin Moreau was raised to be an ambassador and to specialize in diplomacy. Orrin travels all over Velsun and he usually does not spend much time at home.

Kardon Moreau was raised to have a mind for commerce and trade. Kardon oversees any trade deal with entities outside of the isle of Velsun.

Astra Moreau is often calls herself an ‘information broker,' though it is no secret that her mother regrets Astra’s misuse of her position. Astra was raised to be directly responsible for keeping track of the health and well-being of citizens of Tusna. Her jobs included keeping census information up-to-date and ensuring the appropriate aid is given to those in need.

Catherine Moreau died at sea, which is often considered one of the most horrific ways to die on Lokari. When one passes on in Lokari, they often revive within the area that they passed. When this happens at sea, it can often result in several instances of resurrection and death as the person repeatedly drowns until they cease to return.

Sarrin Moreau is the master of the seas. Sarrin has a vote in the action of any sea worthy ships of Tusna. Sarrin helps to plan when and where the ships go from Tusna, and for what purpose. Sarrin boasts an impressive success rate of three in every five voyages returning safely.

Michael Moreau experienced his final death in a training accident when teaching his younger brother to fight. Michael was always sick as a child, and his younger brother Perrin Moreau was always at his side, claiming he would one day be a great healer and alchemist. Perrin, the youngest living Moreau child, is being instructed in the arts of agriculture and trades to help lead the guilds in the future. Isaak Stanton is a ritualist and former advisor regarding darkness magic for the Banorin Asylum. Isaak now offers his services to the countess as a ritualist. Isaak has made no secret of his recent subject of interest, the sigil’if. Isaak has a young sigil’if assistant by the name of Frost Dusk.


Find out in-game.

Thieves’ Guild

Where there are people, there is crime. Tusna is no exception to the existence of crime, but the the severity of crime is far less and far more organized. The term thieves’ guild is a misnomer as there are three factions that operate on the isle of Velsun. These groups have little influence within Tusna, but they do exist and there are members within Tusna. The three factions are called the Family, the Fortune, and the Illusive. While not much is commonly known about the thieves’ guild or the three factions, most people are aware of the commonly associated generalizations applied to the three factions. There is the Family that works tirelessly to obtain individual wealth. The Fortune that believes in sharing ill-gotten gains amongst its members in the form of lavish hide-outs. Then there are the members of the Illusive, that believe in stealing from those that have but are not charitable and giving to those in need. Many point to the presence of the Duskblades as the biggest deterrent against the thieves’ guild within Tusna.

Town Guard

The town guard is lead and directed by Sebastian Moreau and his captain of the guard, Mike Hammerstead. The town guard is a small force that often works in collaboration with the volunteer militia members of Tusna and Banorin Asylum Guards. Tusna is a small county, epically when compared to the surrounding counties that have large militaries. While the town guard and militia are few in number, the members are fiercely loyal to the Countess and her family. Members of the town guard and militia rarely have a strict schedule, instead they are expected to respond to the summons of Sebastian or Captain Hammerstead or act when they witness crimes within Tusna.

Merchant's Guild

A Deal is a deal, and your word as a merchant is should be the law onto which you follow. The Merchant’s guild of Tusna is comprised of many followers of Omawala, crafters, and merchants. Those that are a part of the merchant’s guild as recognized as skilled merchants, traders, or crafters by the Merchant’s guild are given orange bands or sashes of various colors with the symbol of Omawala to denote their status as recognized members of the guild. Those that are a part of the guild are expected to uphold the guild’s code of conduct. There are three tenants that comprise the Merchant’s code. First, your word given in deal or trade should be law unto itself and never without consideration for the consequences or reneged once given. Second, you must never sell products at prices beyond their worth because of demand. A costumer scorned or that paid a high price due to necessity is not one that will return, but those that remember you stayed honest to the true price will return. Third and final tenant, you must never steal.