Lore: Important Places of Tusna

Banorin Asylum

The most well-known place in Tusna, known to peoples all over Lokari, is the Banorin Asylum. Wizards on Lokari appear to have a higher than average occurrence of mental illness than other groups. The Banorin Asylum was created as a secure facility to house these wizards and remove the potential threat from society. This facility is heavily warded magically as well as guarded by manpower. The entrance to the asylum is marked by a large rock. The secret of how to enter the asylum is closely guarded. To raise funding to support the asylum, there was a special magical addition created adjacent to the asylum proper. Here the incarcerated wizards create puzzles, magical and mundane alike. For a fee citizens and travelers can enter the puzzle dungeon and try to solve the puzzles inside. It is said that there are prizes to be won if one progresses deeply enough through the dungeon.

Mo’s Tavern

Mo’s Tavern is owned by the Avatar of Moshenik, a gremlin that currently goes by the name Esteban. Mo’s Tavern has become a hub of activity within Tusna. Mo’s Tavern is located along the high street leading between the eastern port on coast of Velsun that lead to Northshire and the Timberlands. Mo’s tavern is often staffed by a fauna by the name of Poppy. The tavern offers many services and goods, including food, crafting stations, a small library, games, gambling, and al general store stocked with standard adventuring and crafting gear. The tavern also hosts a bounty board. The bounty board is a place for locals to post job request such as the collection of specific items, dealing with local threats, and other assorted jobs.