Races: Owlkin


Owlkin are the self-proclaimed defenders and protectors of the Matron, the planet of Lokari herself. The owlkin are an interesting blend of subtle intensity and unmistakable curiosity. As owlkin are both scholarly and inquisitive and yet exquisitely proficient in combat. Owlkin can be found in every corner of the world, usually with their beaks firmly planted in their journals as they record their findings or ponder their studies. The owlkin of Velsun each tend to have their own areas of study or concern and often speak fondly of the praise they will receive from their Branch or the Archive, the capital of their homeland of Bayia, if their research or theories are true.


Feathers somewhere around the head or neck, and preferably around the cuffs of any shirt or pants. Black circles around the eyes. Makeup in a feather pattern on upper 2/3rds of face and neck, and on all other exposed skin. Beaks and talons are optional.


Average Lifespan: 60 – 70 years Owlkin resemble humanoid owls to varying degrees of which is prominent. All of them possess feathers covering portions of their body, particularly on the head. Some will have longer, hooked noses, others have actual beaks. Owlkin tend to not like using crafted weapons and instead rely on their powerful claws. Owlkin are born with keen vision and are able to see in the dark almost as well as they can during the daylight. In fact, many of them seem to prefer it.


The Owlkin belief that Lokari is a sentient being does make other races view them as eccentric at best and outright crazy at worse. They are often looked upon as being elitist when really their character tends not to reflect that. It’s a misinterpretation of their solitary nature. Despite that many will seek out Owlkin when they need someone to help with rationalizations, puzzles, or philosophy.


Owlkin tend to prefer names of two to three syllables. Examples of Owlkin Names Names: Aadish, Aalim, Aariv, Abidin, Adhit, Agama, Barathi, Baskar, Bidya, Daana, Dael, Devvrat, Dheemanth, Gajanan, Gurgian, Hooter, Minda


If you seek to find a great thinker, philosopher, or protector of nature then you could do worse than to speak with an owlkin. All owlkin feel a compulsion to protect the world. Some even go so far as to say that they feel balance of nature has gone off and that they need to work to restore it, though beyond that they can’t really say. The owlkin speak of Lokari being a conscious being in a literal sense and refer to it as “The Great Matron”. They do not think the planet is metaphorically alive but literally alive and an intelligent being. The owlkin are hunters of knowledge and oftentimes will keep personal journals and logs of things that they encounter. Owlkin young are not raised in a traditional setting. There is no preference to gender given in owlkin society. Each year, all of the young are gathered together into one group in what is referred to as a “branch”. Every owlkin child is encouraged to study any subject that intrigues them. They are pushed to explore and learn at their own pace about as much or little as they wish. When an owlkin reaches adolescence, they prepare for and undergo a rite of passage ritual known as “The Push”. The Push is when the adolescent owlkin of a branch engage in a test of knowledge. There are a vast variety of subjects on which they can be tested and a young owlkin need only pass the test for one subject. But there is a limit to the number of owlkin that can pass any given test. Therefore, if an owlkin did not prepare sufficiently in a variety of subjects they may fail The Push completely. All young owlkin that fail to pass one of the offered knowledge tests in time are then literally pushed into a giant pit. It is here that they must fight one another until only one remains alive. This survivor will be marked with the Ken’ta, a small tattoo on the web of the hand between the thumb and index finger. The owlkin place knowledge above all else but are not so foolish as to not recognize physical greatness as also important. This survivor is allowed to carry on as a physical protector of Lokari where the others are encouraged to use their minds. This is done because of the owlkin belief that only the strongest deserve to be in their society because only they can protect Lokari. After completing The Push, owlkin branch off on their own; now considered to be adults. Owlkin don’t put a lot of stock into a strong central community beyond what is needed to raise the young to prepare them for the push. Owlkin feel compelled to gather each day with any others who may live nearby in what they call “Parliament”. The only time they fail to do so is if there is a life or death situation which keeps them from it. The owlkin discuss the day’s events, things they feel may be important for others to know, and most importantly anything that may be a threat to The Great Matron. Many owlkin report feeling restored and more whole after attending Parliament. You can find owlkin in all walks of life. While many of them opt to become scholars and mages it is rare for one of them to study light magic. Owlkin can also be found as effective warriors and stealthy assassins.


Start with Natural Weapons (“edged” tag)

Starts with Night Vision

Attending Parliament may have restorative effects on the owlkin involved.


+2 Cost to Weapon Skills

+6 Cost to Read Magic

Owlkin often feel as if they must attend Parliament unless action or attention is required elsewhere for survival.