Races: Sigil’if


The sigil’if are strange magical beings that are not born, but appear in seemingly random places around the world. Sigil’if rarely live far from the place they appeared, and often state that they feel very protective of their birth place and the surrounding areas. Sigil’if are born with natural magical affinities and report being unable to learn multiple schools of magic. Due to their shorter life span and connection to their birthplaces, sigil’if tend to be the least likely of any being to travel. As a Sigil’if of Velsun, your birthplace would be somewhere near the in-play area of Tusna.


White on exposed skin, with 10-20% of exposed skin also covered in player chosen markings or patterns based on the sigil’if primary school of magic. The markings must be a shade or form of yellow for Light, black or gray for Darkness, red for Hate, and pink or light purple for Love.


Average Lifespan: ~26 Years Despite springing into existence in an adult body, sigil’if still possess the normal body functions as any other race, with the exception that they do not produce offspring or reproduce in any way. While many of them are bald, sigil’if in general do still grow body hair. There is no definitive body type of sigil’if with their skin and magical markings being what gives them away for what they are. Sigil’if do tend to wear loose fitting long robes.


Sigil’If have an affinity for nature as they see it as the physical embodiment of Lokari and wish to honor it. They will do their best to stop anyone who they feel is harming these physical gifts that Lokari has presented to the people of the world. Beyond that, sigil’if are tolerant of the people of Lokari. They believe that Lokari provided for the existence of all races and all races will return to Mother Lokari in the end.


Sigil’if tend to name themselves based on when and where they were when they first appeared. These can be taken from the time of day, the weather, the location, or even just the general mood or impression the sigil’if was given by the location. Examples of Sigil’if Names: Dusk Wood, Autumn Rain, Frost, Shade of Noon, Winter Gloom


All of Lokari is a place of magic filled with magical beings and objects. But nothing more so than thesigil’If. No mortal is quite sure how the process occurs, though many have tried to recreate it, a sigil’if is born in the wilderness of the world with mortal parents. Within minutes of their ‘birth’ they quickly develop a sense of self-awareness, how to provide for and protect themselves, how to speak the local language, how to fit into and engage themselves with the local culture, and some even are aware of major historical events. Perhaps even more incredible is how a sigil’if comes into existence already able to manipulate mana into one school of magic. There are sigil’if representing every school of magic, but no one is aware of one that has ever been able to use multiple schools of magic or dual school spells. While all are capable of using some form of magic it does not preclude them from picking up arms. Many sigil’if have become accomplished warriors and even disciplined battle casters. A sigil’if is easily recognizable to everyone they encounter by their pure white skin covered with colored markings. The markings vary in style and color from one to the next. A sigil’if’s skin markings are direct identifiers of the school of magic they were born skilled in. Often, they feel that it is shameful to completely cover these markings as if one was ashamed of the life Lokari granted to them. Sigil’if generally do not get involved in the speculation of the gods. Most often they feel that it really isn’t important because they know that Lokari is a collective subconscious. That is not to say that they believe Lokari itself to be a god or even a benevolent being with their best interests in mind. They see it as a natural force that provides balance and order to the world. Within that vein, the sigil’if see themselves as manifestations of Lokari that she’s created to protect the planet from those that might harm it. Perhaps because of the significance they place on Lokari, a sigil’if feels an acute attachment to the place of their birth. Many of them feel a general unease whenever they travel more than a few hours away from that place, though the specific effect is unique to the individual. The sigil’if do not view possessions the same way as most. They tend not to have many possessions of their own but do understand why others do. When an object is lost the sigil’ff do not worry about the loss because they believe that all things return to Lokari and therefore nothing is truly lost. The life of a sigil’if is what most would consider extraordinarily short. The average lifespan of a sigil’if is approximately 25 years. The sigil’if do not see this as a disadvantage, however. Since they are effectively born into adulthood, they feel the years most have to go through developing a sense of person and mundane knowledge is the actual waste. They see their ‘birth’ as a head start on life and want to waste no time from there. This ideal manifest in living life with a zeal not often seen in the other races of Lokari. The sigil’if are passionate and appreciative of the world they have been given.


Starts with Mana Armor

Start with mana (+4 Mana)

-6 cost to Manipulate Mana


–1 Starting Health

+2 cost to Bardic Skills

+1 cost to Additional Health (1-6)

Cannot wear physical armor

Cannot learn more than one school of magic