Races: Troll


The trolls are strong and proud beings that believe in working together for the good of the individual, not the collective. Trolls concede that there are many rules and costs that must be in place for a society to work, but a society is only as strong as it’s least contributing member. To a troll the concept of self also refers to one’s family. To take care of one’s self is only nature, and thus it is ok to give freely amongst family. But, trolls possess an irresistible belief, where they value things so much, it prevents them from giving something unless they receive something they feel is at least equal value in return. Trolls also believe in revering the dead and taking only what is needed from the land. So, when an animal is killed as food all of its parts must be taken, used, and valued to honor the animal.


Brown makeup / fur on all exposed skin except face and hands (Arms must have at least 2/3rds of exposed skin covered.) -Brown on hands excluding palms -Brown on face with 2-10 red lines


Average Lifespan: ~26 Years Trolls are slightly larger than the average human but not gigantic by any stretch. They have brown skin and brown fur covering their entire body except for their faces and hands. They have a number of red lines that mark their faces. Trolls have unusually thick skin which is advantageous to them as it helps as a base level of natural armor. They are a hearty race and seem to be able to withstand more physical punishment than most. Coupled with their ability to heal and regenerate their bodies without the use of magic and trolls become feared combatants all over Lokari.


Trolls adapt well to many different environments but do tend to prefer to live in the cooler climates. They original came from Freyia and are best suited to subarctic woodlands and jungles but more and more they can be seen in rural cities. A troll would struggle to live in the desert climes of Uwar. Many of the other races treat trolls with suspicion due to a lack of understanding. But those smart enough to look past the primitive appearance and fur soon realize that a troll is a powerful and loyal ally.


Examples of Troll Names: Trolls have no set and universal naming conventions.


Many people look at a troll and see a brown fur-covered primitive beast and nothing more. Those people would do well to look again. While it is true that they animalistic in appearance they have a rich culture and are not beasts at all. Trolls make for fierce warriors as they’ve had to adapt to survive in some of the less developed parts of the world and only recently have they begun adapting to city life. They gravitate toward the use of blunt weapons, as clubs, staves, and cudgels are easily formed from the trees around them. Many trolls also use shields made from discs of wood or giant turtle shells. Trolls also have a unique regenerative property that allows them to heal their wounds faster than most races which aids them greatly in their ability to return to battle over and over where their comrades might falter. It even goes as far as to be a point of pride within troll communities to be more physically resilient than your peers. Trolls do not believe that killing is always wrong. They do, however, believe that if something must be killed then it must also be honored by using all aspects of the body. Therefore, trolls will use parts of their prey for clothing, tools, food, jewelry, art, or any number of other things so that nothing is wasted. Trolls place strong value on physical possession of items and will not part with one for free. A troll feels it is only right that if they give something away they should receive something in return so that neither party experiences loss. Trolls fashion totems that are among their prized possessions. These often times represent heroes of legend and strong individuals. Trolls feel that a strong society is made up of strong individuals and honor such people by fashioning totems to represent them. If a troll is willing to trade a totem to you then you must be special to them indeed.


-4 cost to Two & One-handed Blunt skills

-4 cost to Shield

-1 cost to health (1-8)

May purchase Troll Regeneration

Starts with Thickened Fur


+1 cost to lvl 1 Weapon Maneuvers

+2 cost to Heightened Senses

+1 cost to mana (21-30)

Incapable of giving in-game items (coins, tags, props) away for free (must have honest belief they will receive payment of some kind in exchange)