Races: Elf


Wise and cunning, elves are often easy to spot with their pointed ears and distinct red articles of clothing. The most common weapon for an elf is the bow or crossbow, but they do not shy away from the use of magic or close-quarters combat. Hailing from the Kingdom of Nouveau Teg, elves are unusual outside of Nouveau Teg or the Isle of Velsun. Elves tend to be outgoing and adventurous, but some still prefer relative seclusion only engaging in larger social gatherings when the mood strikes them. Many elves state that it is a sign of respect for the dead for them spend a short time to pay their respects, even for a fallen enemy.


Pointed ears One article of red clothing Additional Information: The article of red clothing can be anything the character is visibly wearing and can be removed. The article cannot be an undergarment or something that would not usually be visible. It must be made of fabric.


Average Lifespan: 80 – 90 years Elves are tall and slender with pointed ears. They are quick and nimble which aids in being proficient archers. They are sharp eyed and keenly aware of their world allowing them to often notice things that others might miss. Elves tend to lack the physical strength and stamina to be effective front-line soldiers.


While most comfortable in the temperate woodlands of Nouveau Teg, they can be found in a other areas, primarily the similarly temperate Velsun. Elves are accepted with some trepidation by most. It is no secret the tactics they used to create The War-Torn Scar and that makes many leery of their presence until they get more familiar with the elf. However, it is clear there is no love lost between the orcs and the elves.


Elves have no standard naming conventions.


Tall, sleek, and nimble. There is something more than just their pointed ears making it clear that they aren’t human; it’s hard to place exactly what it is. To look at an elf you might not expect them to be as efficient a combatant as they are. Masters of archery and subtlety, the elves have been successful in waging war for over 800 years with the orcs of Hassstamm. First arising to power in the main continental area now known as Nouveau Teg, the elves have become feared and respected all over Lokari. Most still reside in their homeland and actively participate in the Thousand Year War. Elves are shrewd, however, and began trade where it could be had. They understand that while the gimbong trees of Nouveau Teg provide them with the finest bows in Lokari and superb shipbuilding lumber, they lack many resources necessary to press their war. This lead to trade routes being established, especially routing through Velsun. Thus, some elves have remained behind as traders, diplomats, and mercenaries. Often times when an elf has served the forces of Nouveau Teg for more than 50 years they will rotate out into other parts of the world in auxiliary capacities. It is uncertain if the Thousand Year War was started by the elves or by the orcs. Neither side is willing to give an inch in the struggle. The elves, being aware that they would not be able to contend with the orcish hordes in direct combat caused what has come to be known as The Cataclysm. The elves formed a curved perimeter around Hassstamm and taunted the orcs to meet them at this extended front. Using powerful magics to shield themselves and Nouveau Teg, they set fire to the jungles. The screams of orcs could be heard for miles and the smell of burning flesh assaulted the nose. It is said that the smoke darkened the skies of Longeerie. The fire raged for a year and a month destroying everything on its path eating further into Hassstamm. Finally, the orcs were able quell the inferno, but not before The Scar had been created. There is now a desolate swath of land tens of miles wide that encircles Hassstamm. It is in The Scar that many of the battles of the Thousand Year War now take place. The elves hide behind The Scar and see their foes approaching. They rain volleys of arrows upon them. It is thus that they have survived for hundreds of years with no end in sight.


-4 cost to Archery

Starts with Heightened Senses

-2 cost to Manipulate Mana


+1 cost to Health (1-4)

+4 cost to Dual Wield

+1 cost to Smithing