Races: Fauna


The fauna are masters of nature and survival; viewing themselves as the pinnacle of the animal kingdom and nature. While fauna all have different animal traits such as ears or a tail, they do not view each other in terms of predator or prey, but rather as equal members of their race. Most fauna still live in their ancestral homeland of Wao Nahele, often called the Wilds, to the south of Velsun. But a great many can be found on Velsun and throughout the world. As a fauna living in Tusna you are one of many proud fauna that have applied their mastery of survival to their advantage in the dangerous conditions of Tusna. While Tusna may have its dangers and threats, it is nothing compared to the truly deadly Wilds of Wao Nahele.


Must wear animalistic ears or tail (fauna have animal ears or a tail, not both) Black on nose with white under eyes


Average Lifespan: 80 – 90 years The fauna are diverse in appearance but universally good survivors. Fauna thrive best in untamed regions similar to their homelands of Wao Nahele, but they have been known to live on the outskirts of small cities as well. Fauna look down upon humans and can often be heard referring to them as ‘the fangless’; a derogatory term meant to imply that they are evolutionarily inferior and incapable of protecting themselves.


Fauna have a smug sense of superiority toward every other race. Some people take offense to this and look down upon the fauna for it while others wave it off as a triviality and try to maintain good relationship with fauna. The large exception to this is the humans. Humans believe that they are superior, having cast off their vestigial animal traits. The fauna look down on humans as being fangless pink babies incapable of survival without the support of the other races. While they can, and do, coexist in the same cities and circles, there is always an animosity hanging in the air when fauna and humans are nearby one another. The fauna relationship with the flora can be described as no better than ‘strained’. The fauna hold an annual festival they call The Sun and Moon Festival. They remember it as the celebration of a long-ago victory over, and subsequent peace treaty with, the flora. Part of this festival is the burning of the crop men; clothing stuffed with the dead cast off leaves and branches from flora. The fauna throw these crop men into a big pit and ignite it on fire. The fauna claim this is honoring past events but the flora don’t recall the events and believe it is racist propaganda from the other major race of Wao Nahele. Fauna have a deeply ingrained fear of fire being used in an aggressive manner against them. While completely comfortable with candles, campfires, and the burning of crop men, fauna will go out of their way to avoid confrontation with anyone wielding fire toward them. This could mean a fire touched aljian or it could mean someone with a torch. If the fauna can avoid the direct conflict with that person, they will.


Fauna tend to only have one name, but it is not uncommon for them to use the name of their pack as other races might use a family or clan name, even though packs are not always formed by members with exclusively familial ties Examples of Fauna Names: Dargin of the Sevenhills Pack, Mondrab, and Deligoth of the Iron Fur


The uninitiated see a fauna and think “oh, how cute”, or even that they look cuddly. The uninitiated often die when they voice such thoughts. Fauna may look just like humans with a funny animal appendage, but they consider themselves to be the apex predator species of Lokari. Their prowess and pervasiveness may just back up their claim. From a distance a fauna looks like any ordinary human. But upon getting closer it is apparent that many of them possess a tail, nose, or ears that would look more at home on a wild animal. They wear the same clothes as humans and reside in some of the same cities. Beyond that the similarities end. The truth is that humans evolved from the fauna. The fauna saw them as a mutation and a weakness. While at first, they tried to integrate humans into their society they eventually saw them as a liability and expelled them from their communities. Oldest amongst all races, fauna are well adapted to live all over Lokari. With the exception of humans, they are the most populous race. Perhaps surprisingly though, they do not hold any lands as their own outside of the islands of Wao Nahele which they refer to as The Wilds. Wao Nahele is held almost exclusively by the fauna, with some small groups of humans or flora inhabiting remote areas. The environment is too extreme and the predators too deadly for most to be able to survive, much less thrive. It is the same animal features that make them look peculiar to many that allow them to survive. The fauna senses are keenly attuned allowing them to avoid danger or be stealthy predators. The survival skills they developed living in The Wilds has made it very difficult to ensnare and contain a fauna. Therefore, most don’t even try. On Wao Nahele, the fauna live in loosely organized packs. Fauna look at all other fauna as their equal. All are members of the top of the evolutionary chain and should be treated with respect as such. This mutual respect makes in-fighting to be a significant taboo. Fauna feel that as peers they should be able to resolve their differences with words and calm discussion and it is a weakness of character if you must resort to blows with another fauna. The average fauna societal group is to live in a pack of 10-30 members consisting of 1-5 families. The members of these packs will often look to one member as Guide. The Guide is not considered the leader of a pack, but instead a wise voice that makes suggestions. Individual fauna are always free to make their own decisions but the pack will usually defer to the advice of the Guide unless there is strong opposition. Wao Nahele only has three organized hubs that could potentially be referred to as a city. These are The Vast Farm, which is more a collection of small farms than a city, the Salt-Tail Harbor, and the Township of Giln. Many fauna have traveled from Wao Nahele in search of adventure or sport of the hunt. Others seek to prove themselves and show the other less perfect races that the fauna truly are the peak of evolution and everyone else a perversion of fauna perfection. There are fauna that are skilled in almost any weapon that can be imagined. Many weapons are said to have been originally developed by the fauna. It is uncommon that a fauna finds use for magic and their society often views it as a crutch used by those less developed in their ability to fight and survive. Fauna tend to look at artificed trinkets with disdain and feel that if the functions they provided were so important that they would have evolved with them or a fauna would have long ago developed one.


Starts with first use of Fauna Sense free

Starts with Slip Bindings

- 2 Weapon Focus + 1


+4 to Manipulate Mana

+1 to Artificing

Fauna Fear - Fauna will try to avoid direct confrontation with any being that uses fire against them, is made of fire, or in the presence of a large fire unless their lives are in danger.