Races: Flora


Flora are plant-like people that are extremely versatile in appearance and natural ability. Some flora have natural thorns, poisons, or the ability to generate healing fruit. Flora view themselves as the pinnacle of nature and hail from their ancestral home, the Garden of Wao Nahele. Many flora have made their home on the island of Velsun and within the county of Tusna. These flora spend their days tending to the massive farms or gardens, or using their defensive and offensive adaptations to their benefit in defeating the monstrous creatures that stalk the woods of Tusna.


Green on all exposed skin CC approved plant-like appearance and costuming Flora are encouraged to be very creative and expressive in their costumes, even having seasonal costumes if they so desire


Average Lifespan: 110 – 120 years Flora resemble human sized plants. Their skin resembles green stalks. They maintain the plant-like trait of being healed by Light magic as well as the human traits of consuming food and breathing.


While there may be a rare flora that can survive in the northern cold regions of Lokari, the vast majority of them would never go there, as the climate is too harsh for them to survive. In the southern regions they are one of the more populous races. Flora can be found in many types of occupations, but most often they serve as soldiers or farmers. Some will ply their trade of foresight to make money as a fortune teller. When a person encounters their first flora it is always a shock. It seems unnatural for a plant to walk around. But once that initial blow wears off, most people become accustomed to the flora and don’t give them a second glance. The exception to this is the fauna who do not understand why the flora don’t take kindly to them. They are suspicious of the flora and that may never be resolved.


Flora names vary from region to region, but most enjoy taking on floral or botanical names. Often, they name themselves after types of plants they most identify with or with terms and words related to the types of plants they feel most similar to. Examples of Flora Names: Amaryllis, Azalea, Clover, Calla, Velvet, Rose, Thorn, Ivy, Blossom, Fern, Fleur, Danica, Holly, Iris, Jasmine, Juniper, Kalina, Lavender, Leilani, Lilac, Narcissa, Orchid, Peony, Petal, Senna, Verbena, Willow, Alder, Basil, Cedar, or Elm


Have you ever seen a plant walking around? No? Then you must not be familiar with the Flora. Flora come in just about any variety you can imagine; from the shrub bush to a spiked cactus, to an oak tree. None are really sure how they manage that diversity but it sure is impressive. Hailing from the jungle island of Wao Nahele, the Flora are a race of humanoid plants. They consider themselves to be the top species on Lokari and the pinnacle of evolution. They feel their thick skin and ability to heal from Light magic makes them well suited to endure combat and attacks from lesser predators, like the silly fauna, better than any other race. A flora is born from a pod that sprouts off a mother tree. After the young flora sprouts, it uproots and is then able to wander the world. A flora will spend up to 100 years living this lifestyle before it will find a patch of rich soil and powerful magic. The flora will then grow permanent roots and settle for the remainder of its life. After near a decade, a female flora will itself begin to sprout pods. These pods are pollinated, with the assistance of local insect life, by the male flora that have rooted in the same area. The flora pods have an almost immediate (in an evolutionary sense) response to the world around them. Each generation of flora take on the traits most suited for their survival based on the experiences of the parent generation. Therefore, if a flora experienced mostly war time, the pods they produce will be better suited for combat. If a flora experienced mostly peace, their pods will be better adapted for crafting and intellectual pursuits. Even though the mature flora remains rooted for the remainder of their lifespan, they do still communicate with young flora and some other races. Flora are responsible for the survival of the human race. When the fauna exiled the humans from their society the flora saw it as an opportunity to use the humans as a labor force and a pawn against the fauna. The flora kept their human slaves in what they called ‘The Garden’. This angered the fauna immensely, as they believed it was the flora insulting the decisions of their people, and led to a war. In the end the fauna proved to be correct in their evaluation of the humans and the flora also exiled them. But by that point the humans had flourished and were able to expand all over Lokari. Some flora may use this to try and gain favor with humans. Flora have a natural connection to nature. Perhaps it is because of this connection that they excel at the art of foresight. It is certainly why they eschew metal armor and instead rely on their hard plant skins and bark to protect themselves. While the flora began as an early race only on the island of Wao Nahele, they have since thrived and became a dominant race around Lokari, ever engaging in their struggle with the fauna to prove which is truly the better evolved form.


-10 cost to Foresight

May purchase Armored Skin

May purchase the “Planted” skill line.

Healed by damaging Light spells


Cannot use metal armor

Double damage from Darkness

+1 cost to Alchemy

Using Blood Price uses +1 health per mana