Races: Gremlin


Gremlins are uniquely creative and destructive beings. Gremlins view possessions as transitory, temporary, and ultimately meaningless. They enjoy the act of creation and the subsequent destruction. Gremlins value life above all things, and often default to the judgement of an authority figure, most often a male they respect. A gremlin’s value of life will not stop them from killing or creating deadly traps, but it is not something they actively seek out. As a gremlin of Tusna, you will have most likely found your talents put to use in the creation of tools, tonics, traps, and more. Tusna may be a dangerous place, but there are always opportunities to apply your creativity.


Unnatural Hair Color ½ inch - 1 inch ring around eyes matching in color of hair


Average Lifespan: Unknown (assumed to be 90-100 years) Gremlins are smaller than average humanoid races. This makes it difficult for them to use a shield and impossible to effectively use a two-handed weapon. But they do make up for it with their intelligence, skill with creating new experimental contraptions, and their immunity to poisons.


Gremlins prefer to avoid the heat but will endure if needed to as long as that isn’t an extreme like the deserts of Uwar. They are tolerated with trepidation by most races because they do offer some benefits, but many individuals dislike them either because they feel they are unpredictable and reckless. Some others dislike them because of their legal slavery of dwarves, despite the fair treatment they provide.


Gremlins often prefer harsh or words with strong syllables for names. Gremlin names will very rarely contain silent letters and rely heavily on phonetic pronunciation Examples of Gremlin Names: Adalgar, Adlar, Baldric, Chlodwig, Cort, Garvyn, Raynard, Rodrik


Perhaps the most clever and innovative race of Lokari is the gremlins. Easily recognizable for their small stature and seemingly unnaturally colored hair. Gremlins get dismissed as eccentric at best and outright insane at worst by most people they encounter. This is brought on by their wild appearance and their love for deconstructing things as well as experimenting with new creations. There are few things a gremlin loves more than a good explosion. They don’t care if it was on purpose or if it was an accident caused through innovating something new. Gremlins can often be found either in an alchemy laboratory or in their artificing workshop. It is believed that the vast majority of mechanical devices were developed by the gremlins. Gremlins are the majority race inhabiting Longeerie. Gremlins have no memory of a time when there was not war. To them war and peace are pointless words because life is always struggle and conflict. Most believe that this adds to life, and not detracts from it because a life without conflict is an unfulfilling life. It is through conflict, failure, and explosions, that the greatest of life’s lessons are learned. If a gremlin feels that life has become too stable they will move in order to invite more turmoil and enhance their life. Perhaps stemming from their tumultuous lives, or perhaps it is because they cause so many explosions, gremlins do not place value on physical things. Ownership is temporary and there is no use placing too high a value on something temporary. Gremlins justify their enslavement of dwarves with this same philosophy. Because they do not believe in the permanence of ownership, they feel it is okay to own dwarves as it will not be forever for the dwarf. They do stipulate that slaves must be treated well for their time owned by the gremlin and never killed. That would break their principle of the slavery period being temporary. Gremlins have a very patriarchal society. This is evident everywhere from their close knit nuclear families where ‘father knows best’ to their larger social groups which are led by a Vati, which literally means ‘father’. The Vati is the de facto leader and their input carries more weight than any other input when making decisions. The high leader of all gremlins in Longeerie is the Ini Vati which translates to ‘Father of All’. The Ini Vati is the eldest male gremlin at any given time.


-1 cost to Alchemy (1-4)

-1 cost to Artificing (1-4)

Immune to Poison

Experimental Artificing and Alchemy


+8 cost to Shield

Experimental Artificing and Alchemy

Cannot wield two-handed weapons