Races: Orc


The mighty orcs are known as fearsome warriors that live for honor and glory. Many confuse an orc’s love of battle and drive for the glory of victory as savage and brutish, but those that believe this have made a grave tactical mistake. Orcs are cunning and strategic tacticians and masters of war. Most orcs, however, are more than willing to let their chieftain or leader dictate the tide of battle and allow their rage and instincts to overtake them and drive them to the all-consuming thrill of victory. As an orc of Velsun you may have never seen the War-Torn Scar or fought in the orcish homeland of Hassstam, but that has not curbed your hunger for glory or honor gained in combat as there are numerous threats that still disrupt daily life in the county of Tusna.


With gray skin - must have tusks or horns, having both is optional but must have at least horns or tusks.


Average Lifespan: 110 – 120 years Orcs have bony protrusions in the form of horns, tusks, or both. Though mostly vestigial, they do still serve for intimidating their enemies. While viewed as large hulking warriors by outsiders, orcs are actually as diverse physically as any other race. While it does vary to some degree to shade, all orcs have grey skin. At night they may even be mistaken for walking corpses in the dark which only helps to further their intimidation of others.


Orcs are one of the oldest races on Lokari. Orcs are perfectly evolved to fit their area of Lokari. They are hardy survivors and their grey skin has functioned as a natural camouflage in the desolate wastes of The Scar.



On the planet called Lokari, there is one race that is more misunderstood, more overlooked, and more pigeon-holed than any other. That race, is the orc. Seen the world over by those that don’t bother to know them as feral and angry beasts; hardly more than a wild animal needing to be culled. This could not be further from the truth and most orcs are content to allow the misconception; all the better for them in warfare if their enemies underestimate them. Orcs are no stranger to conflict. They have been fighting in the Thousand Year War for 800 years against the elves of Nouveau Teg. They maintain their war camps along the length of The Scar successfully holding the largest front ever seen on Lokari. Known for their rageful soldiers, hate mages, and their ability to withstand physical punishment beyond most other races, the legends of the orcs ferocity in battle have spread far. One of the things that should terrify those that fight against orcs is that the orcs find no honor in fighting alone. So, when an orc is encountered, a person would be wise to start looking for the others. In reality, orc culture and society is far deeper than they show to the world. An orcish war camp is a traveling city. They bring with them culture, art, community and family. While true that they are unequaled in their combative intensity, they are equally passionate in intellectual pursuits and love. In an orc war camp there are always scholars continuing their long tradition of oral storytelling, passing down the stories of their heroes. The orcs held up in song and legend within the camps are the ones that excel in combat but could also paint the battle in a mural or compose a song telling of the ravages of the day. An orc believes that a life lived only for combat is not a life worth living. As such, when they chose their leadership they do not do so solely from who is the best warrior or who is the best tactician. But they also consider who is the best creator, artist, or historian. Orc culture is well rounded, deep, and steeped in tradition; though few non-orcs are aware and even fewer want to admit such; perhaps not wanting to admit that the “savage orcs” have a culture to be envied.


+3 Base Health at Start

-1 cost per additional health

-6 cost to Blood Price

May purchase rage

-2 cost per rage


+1 cost to Alchemy (9-20)

+3 Read Magic

+3 Darkness Script

+1 to level 1 Weapon Maneuvers