In-Game Event: Chapter Two: The Sun and Moon Festival

May 18, 2018 10:00PM - May 20, 2018 12:00PM

Lokari Chronicles, Chapter Two: The Sun and Moon Festival (The Opening of Doors) The walls and wards designed to contain even the most dangerous of wizards were blown apart as the powerful Tobrax forced his way out of the Banorin Asylum, unintentionally opening the door for numerous insane wizards to escape. As the town of Alamogordo scrambled to recover, the first wave of an incompetent invasion force began to attack Tusna, all while Lord Timber feigned innocence. Countless rumors have begun to spread of strange creatures, like the geist that appeared outside of Alamogordo. As tensions mount and the fear of an all-out war looms, the citizens of Tusna attempt to escape their concerns and bring their county back to state of normalcy by capturing the escaped wizards and engaging in the Sun and Moon Festival. Meanwhile, a strange door sits locked behind a cage just outside of Mo’s Tavern. Join us for our second event of Lokari Chronicles. A weekend long Live-Action Roleplay and interactive theater experience, jam packed with adventure, mystery, puzzles, and more. Event fees are $65 dollars for attending customers (players) and free for volunteers (NPCs) looking to help the campaign staff. Food and drinks are sold on-site as well as other merchandise. Check-in starts at 4 pm and the earliest players can be on site is 3 pm. Check-in closes promptly at 9:30 pm. Anyone that arrives after 9:30 pm on the Friday night of the event may be subject to a small wait time before they can check-in and join play as we will be in the process of starting and running the event. The game will officially start after check-in at 10 pm on Friday night, and continue until approximately noon on Sunday. Volunteers will be provided some food throughout the event (snack foods provided in monster town). The Tavern will be open and sell food at specific times posted in the tavern, including 9 pm to 11 pm Friday, Saturday morning, Saturday afternoon, Saturday for a large feast (8 dollars), and Sunday morning. The tavern will not be open all event, please pack accordingly. Rulebook, event details, preregistration, and character creation tools will be available at our website soon, at


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